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STIM318. New high-accuracy tactical grade IMU

10 October 2019

Greatly increased accelerometer performance to support demanding guidance and navigation applications.

Meet Sensonor at AUSA in Washington DC  Oct. 14 - 16

Sensonor STIM318 Inertial Measurement Unit. The smallest, lightest and highest performing commercial MEMS IMU in the market. Qualified according to high-performance aircraft vibration standard.

  • Features startup time <1 second
  • Gyro IRBS of 0.3°/h.
  • Gyro ARW < 0.15°/√h
  • Accelerometer bias instability 0.003mg
  • Accelerometer noise 0.015m/s
  • Measurement range up to 2000°/s/√h

An ITAR-free product, STIM318 is available in export controlled and non-export controlled versions. It is compatible with Sensonor's STIM300 IMU, and can bring additional capability to applications already using STIM300.

Please contact us to discuss your specific application, or to book a meeting at AUSA.

We look forward to see you at AUSA next week.

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