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Oxygen monitoring for Russia’s largest ice cream manufacturer Iceberry

Oxygen monitoring for Russia’s largest ice cream manufacturer Iceberry

18 February 2022

Gas sensors from MSR-Electronic monitor various production areas in the new plant in Tutayev, north of Moscow.

Founded in 1937, Iceberry’s market share in Russia is approximately 25 %. The ice cream manufacturer produces 250 different items with an annual production capacity of over 90,000 tonnes - equivalent to around 180 million litres of ice cream. Iceberry is also one of the few producers using fresh milk for ice cream production.

Gas warning systems must be reliable at all times.

In the new production plant in Tutayev, different gases are used for heating, freezing and hardening during the ice cream production.

If these gases escape or if the oxygen concentration in the ambient air drops, fast alerting by reliable gas alarm devices is required.

Gas sensors, controllers and warning devices from MSR-Electronic effectively protect people and plants in dangerous situations – that is to say in the event of leakages of combustible and toxic gases in production and storage facilities. With the help of modern communication technology, it is possible to react quickly.

Solutions from MSR for monitoring of increased gas and dropping oxygen concentrations

In the new Iceberry plant, the exchangeable sensor with digitalised measured value processing and self-monitoring is used for continuous monitoring of the ambient air.

The gas sensor (type SC2) contains the sensor element (electrochemical, pellistor, semiconductor or infrared) and the measuring amplifier as well as a μController for processing the measured values. All relevant data and measured values of the sensor element are stored in the μController in a fail-safe manner and are transmitted digitally to the Board via the local bus. The calibration management is also integrated in the μController of the gas sensor.

Thanks to the X-Change technology, calibration can be done by simply exchanging the sensor or by using the integrated, convenient calibration routine directly on the system.

Further information on MSR Products can be found here in the current MSR-Electronic online catalog or in the webshop:

MSR-Electronic is a manufacturer of fixed gas warning systems with decades of experience in the field of building automation and gas measurement technology. The international company with headquarters in Germany has a wide range of methods for the detection of toxic and combustible gases. On this basis MSR-Electronic develops individual gas sensors, controllers and warning devices for many applications, such as parking garages, tunnels, petrochemical industry or shipping. The products meet more than the general standards and regulations and can therefore guarantee the safety of the plant.

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