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MANNER OptiMA- robust, reliable and unproblematic  due to the large transmission range - Plug & Play a report from the agricultural sector

MANNER OptiMA- robust, reliable and unproblematic due to the large transmission range - Plug & Play a report from the agricultural sector

20 January 2020

We wish all our customers and business partners good health, happiness and success in the new year and look forward to continuing our good cooperation.  

In addition to our technical innovations; events such as art meets business; and company celebrations, we have made it our goal last year to launch a new website and a logo facelift! 

Now it is finally done and we are very happy to officially present you today our  new website and our new logo.

We would like to thank all internal colleagues and external partners who have contributed to this project.

Are you looking for a compact, robust and above all reliable system in the harshest of environments for the precise measurement of signals that meets the high demands of agriculture or applications with similar challenges? It should also be energy self-sufficient and no preparation time or technical training is required?

MANNER has added OptiMA as a new product to its telemetry portfolio in 2019. Together with the new generation of sensor signal amplifiers and their automatic antenna adjustment function, a proven product could be created not only for the test laboratory but also for rough real world applications.

The overview of applications:

The inductively supplied measuring technology - sensor and measuring amplifier - is optimally tuned as a system in several cycles at each start. This means that the transmission path is optimized with each start and ensures a robust transmission. All inductive MANNER systems, as well as OptiMA, work without batteries or accumulators and are absolutely maintenance-free. Annoying and heavy batteries and the resulting imbalance problems and their replacement are not necessary.

This makes the rotor construction a lightweight. The system can be used directly and, if necessary, can be configured (sensor name; sample rate; information storage etc.) and calibrated (zero and gain settings) by the MANNER software "Telemetry Interface". Both the radial and the tap at the shaft end can be used without any problems.

Large wave movements or imprecise mounting are no obstacle to good transmission quality, nor are electromagnetic disturbances.

Mission report: As a partner for international test departments, MANNER last year equipped several harvesters in development, in real driving operation and in field tests.  A total of 18 measuring points were recorded on several harvesters in a deployment lasting several weeks.

The OptiMA telemetry was accordingly exposed to enormous vibrations, dust, temperature fluctuations and stone chipping. The new OptiMA Telemetry has thus proven that it is a reliable device for the precise recording of measurement signals in the MANNER product portfolio.

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