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Jewell Instruments, LLC announces new Force-Balanced Quartz Flexure Accelerometer Sensors to their Inertial Sensors and Controls product line

12 July 2013

Jewell Instruments, a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of sensors and controls, meters and avionics, industrial test equipment, geophysical, and geotechnical products, today announced the addition of their new QFA-180 and QFA-125 high and mid-temperature force-balanced quartz flexure accelerometer sensors to their Inertial Sensors and Controls product group. The QFA-180 and QFA-125 are the first of several quartz accelerometers that Jewell will be introducing to their Inertial Sensors and Controls product line over the next several months.

The QFA-180 Quartz Flexure Accelerometer Series are state of the art quartz flexure technology that provides high accuracy, repeatability and stability even in the harshest of environments. These accelerometers were designed to withstand high temperature environments (up to 180°C) and are an ideal fit for the Measure While Drilling (MWD) and Down-Hole Drilling applications within the Oil & Gas industry. With two mounting flange options and its small compact design, this quartz product is an ideal plug-in replacement for other quartz flexure accelerometers on the market today.

The QFA-125 Quartz Flexure Accelerometer Series is a mid-temperature range quartz technology that also provides high accuracy, repeatability and stability in the harshest of environments. These mid-temperature range (up to 125°C) accelerometers were designed for applications in precision navigation, marine instrumentation, rail maintenance track geometry, wind tunnel testing, and other industrial type of applications that require a high-precision grade sensor. The QFA-125 also features two mounting flanges, round or square, and has a built-in self-test system.

“Jewell is excited to offer new quartz flexure accelerometers to our sensors and controls product portfolio. We feel that the quartz technology is a great compliment to our other sensors within our Inertial Sensor product line. We have a number of customers within the Oil & Gas and Industrial markets that have been asking Jewell to develop this technology for some time, and we feel that our quartz accelerometer will be far superior in reliability and stability as well as will be competitive in price to other products available on the market today,” said Brian Ward, Director of Business and Development for the Sensors and Controls product line.

Jewell Instruments QFA-180 and QFA-125 Sensors can be purchased from any of our Manufacturer Representative’s located world-wide. For a listing of representatives, please visit our website at or contact a Jewell Instruments Product Expert at

Jewell Instruments also provides custom solutions for a diverse group of industries including aerospace, medical, industrial, telecommunications, and many more. Jewell Instruments experienced engineering team’s work with customers to produce high quality, reliable products that meet or exceed all customer requirements and expectations.

For additional information on this and other Jewell Instruments news and product information, please contact Katie Smith at or (603) 657-2111.

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