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VG481V1 Back Biased Hall

VG481V1 Back Biased Hall

25 February 2020


Honeywell: The VG481V1 contains a dual peak detecting circuit that is coupled with a Hall-effect element to detect the speed of a ferrous gear tooth target wheel. A biasing magnet provides a changing magnetic field as the target wheel moves past the senor IC. The sensor IC functions in reference to peak and slot magnetic levels. The sensor IC output is in either a high state or a low state, which corresponds to the target tooth/slot features. The VG481V1 IC consists of a voltage regulator, clock /oscillator, Hall-element, amplifier, internal peak/valley track and hold circuits, comparator, and open collector output stage. The sensor IC is protected from abnormal operation at low voltage by a power-on rest circuit. The output circuitry contains short circuit protection. The voltage regulator contains reverse connection protection. The slicing level is derived from the stored peak and valley values. A start-up algorithm holds the output state until the slicing level has reached a stable position. The VG481V1 is zero speed capable after initial startup as long as power is applied. The VG481V1 IC is offered in flat TO-92-style package with straight leads in bulk packaging which allows for a compact PC board layout


  • Provides lesser operate point variation.

Value to Customers

  • Uses a dual peak detecting circuit derived from the stored peak and valley values. This provides zero speed capability and more accurately tracks targets that exhibit run-out and other variations.
  • AEC-Q100 qualified and often suitable for automotive applications.
  • Provides higher accuracy.


  • Back-biased speed sensor IC
  • Zero-speed capable
  • Low cost and easy to use
  • 4 V to 24 V supply voltage range
  • -40°C to 150°C operating temperature range
  • Open collector output rated for 20 mA
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Reverse voltage protected
  • Qualified to AEC-Q100 (Grade 0)

Potential Applications

  • Transportation: Transmission speed sensing
  • General speed sensing

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