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Cold Movement Detector for ETCS Baseline 3

Cold Movement Detector for ETCS Baseline 3

29 September 2014
The safe position information supplied by the cold movement detector is already present at standstill.

The Baumer BCMD is the world’s first cold movement detector for ETCS Baseline 3 and other train control systems.  It opens a significant cost and energy saving potential by avoiding time-consuming manual procedures for position referencing which usually are required when a train vehicle re-enters into ETCS operation after No Power mode.

The safe position information supplied by the cold movement detector is already present at standstill, so the rail vehicle can immediately start without passing a balise group as position reference. Resultant time savings amount to about 10 minutes per day per locomotive, depending on the railway operator.

This allows for dynamic adjustment of transport capacity and increased track availability by immediate train entry into operation after break. No slow shunting vehicles will block the tracks.

The robust axle encoder is based on a patented principle. In a system with the Electronic Vital Computer (EVC) it fulfils the SIL4 functional safety requirements according to EN 50128 and EN 50129.

The low complexity architecture with 3-channel safety concept utilizes a 2-out-of-3 signal evaluation by the EVC. This will eliminate common cause failures, maximize diagnostic coverage and ensure the highest level of availability while at the same time enabling fast system integration and eased safety certification.

For many years Baumer has been a reliable partner for the rail industry. Durable, cost-effective standard sensors in robust housings with proven sealing designs, sensor technology matched to a specific application and industry-standard qualification are as much part of the wide ranging product portfolio as customer-oriented new developments for every conceivable sensor application in rail transport technology.

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