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Clever edge, width and gap measurement with Baumer PosCon 3D

Clever edge, width and gap measurement with Baumer PosCon 3D

22 May 2015

The Baumer PosCon 3D edge sensor is the winner of this MessTec & Sensors Masters 2015 for innovative sensor solutions. The sensor offers features that were previously only offered in complex laser measuring systems. This all goestogether with very easy installation and operability.

Thanks to the innovative touch display, the functions can be selected and saved directly using the display. Measured values are shown directly in mm on the touch display, so laborious external conversion is no longer required. The intuitive menu offers numerous modes, so a broad range of measuring applications can be covered.

Thanks to qTarget™, Baumer's efficient design principle, the light beam of the sensor is aligned to the housing fixing holes by design. During commissioning, this allows the sensor to be mounted without additional alignment effort, saving installation time and expense. The integrated coordinate transformation enables the sensor to be positioned at a lateral angle of +/- 30° above the object, to avoid an obstacle or permit installation in a cramped space, for instance.

The facade conceals a powerful measuring principle in which the reliable class 1 laser line projected by the sensor is mapped onto a two dimensional optical receiver using the triangulation principle. This measuring principle makes it possible to measure objects within the measuring field that are moving toward or away from the PosCon 3D without a change in the measurement result. The edge position is precisely determined, independent of the distance to the sensor, even with out-of-round objects. Similarly, the edge sensor measures objects with different or changing colors and surfaces.

The PosCon 3D can be used in numerous applications. For example, position feedback of a paper edge in the printing industry. Similarly, the edge sensor measures the width or thickness of individual objects in a stack – and clearly recognizes for example if two objects have been erroneously removed from the stack simultaneously.

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