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Baumer sets new benchmark in absolute encoders

Baumer sets new benchmark in absolute encoders

07 December 2015
Perfection in efficiency and precision

Baumer: Like in the previous years, the last SPS/IPC Drives in Nuremberg was the venue for Baumer to present latest product innovations and three premiering products that set new standards in absolute encoder technology. Besides the latest generation of Ethernet-based encoders and revolutionary product additions to their HeavyDuty encoder portfolio, Baumer presented benchmarking efficiency in the class of motor feedback encoders with high-precision optical sensing. In the field of magnetic bearingless encoders Baumer introduced two new product series for precise speed feedback. Another highlight is compact magnetic encoder EMF500 for direct motor integration. This series is an alternative to conventional resolvers and underlines the Baumer competencies and expertise in motor feedback.

The latest generation of Baumer Ethernet encoders sets new standards in compactness and efficiency. The unique platform architecture of new EAL 580 series represents benchmarking fieldbus encoder design. With radial connector outlet and shallowest installation depth of a mere 58 mm, the encoders even fit into a minimum of installation space. The PROFINET product variant integrating Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) will significantly improve machine and equipment productivity.  Automated device configuration using the Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) will cut down on downtime during servicing since no programming tool is required for device exchange. The new absolute encoders support PROFINET with OPC UA standard compliance and are first on the market to be attributed „Industry 4.0 ready“. 

In time for SPS/IPC Drives 2015, Baumer as world leader in unmatched durable sensors for HeavyDuty drive technology further extended their unique portfolio. The latest generation of absolute HeavyDuty encoders is the revolutionary merger of a sophisticated construction concept with bearings at each shaft end, new magnetic high-precision sensing and the patented Baumer Energy Harvesting technology which has proved reliable in more than 10 years of HeavyDuty use. The outcome is the new benchmark in HeavyDuty encoder technology - even more robust, efficient and with a precision that so far only optical sensing could achieve.

With the latest generation of absolute HeavyDuty encoders, Baumer Hübner being the HeavyDuty competence center of the Baumer Group has reached a new performance level to meet even the highest requirements in most demanding applications.

In the field of motor feedback, Baumer presented a new series of efficient encoders in 36 and 58 mm design with ultra-accurate optical sensing. Thanks to high-precision mechanics and precise alignment of the sensing unit, the EFL360 and EFL580 series with BiSS interface supply high-precision signals down to the micrometer range while featuring resolutions of up to two million steps per revolution. Both series operate on a highly optimized Opto-ASIC merging all basic optical encoder functions in a single component. Besides cutting down on component cost, the encoder is less prone to errors and more resistant against mechanical impacts such as strong shocks or vibrations.

Also premiering at SPS in bearingless magnetic encoders are series ITD89H00 and MQR69 with high-performance signal processing for precise speed acquisition. Series MQR69 excels with resolutions up to 24 bits per turn, efficient noise filtering and by supplying a digital speed word in addition to the position information via RS485 interface. Optimally harmonized component design and manufacture ensure precision signals for trouble-free continuous operation. 

Compact motor feedback absolute encoders EMF 500 are another revolutionary product highlight. These bearingless magnetic encoders are a powerful alternative to conventional resolver technology. With singleturn resolutions up to 22 bits and digital signal transmission these encoders contribute a significant share in keeping up with the ever-growing requirements on efficiency and control quality at speed-controlled drives. The EFM500 encoders close the gap between resolver technology with limited signal quality and high-resolution absolute encoders of superior price classes.

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