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Baumer sensors: reliable aids for the beverage industry

26 September 2013

With its broad sensor portfolio featuring many different technologies, Baumer supports diverse tasks in the production, processing and packaging of beverages. Inductive, optical and ultrasonic sensors provide valuable support in demanding applications and are characterized by their chemical resistance and hygienic or wash-down design.

For example, Baumer offers the UNAR 18 series of ultrasonic sensors in different versions. With its stainless steel housing and the chemical resistance that its parylene coating provides, this sensor is an ideal choice for the beverage industry. The switching version enables the sensor to detect the presence of cups or bottles, whereas UNAR 18 in its measuring variant plays to its strengths in contactless level control at filling machines.

For volume measurement, Baumer offers the OADR 20 series of laser sensors. The sensor in stainless steel housing features a high degree of accuracy, precisely a resolution from 5 ┬Ám. Moreover, the design with Baumer's unique proTect+ impermeability concept ensures that the sensors comply with protection class IP 68/IP 69K even after many temperature cycles.

The IFBR and IFRR series of inductive sensors are available in the hygienic and wash-down design which implies smooth, continuous or sealed surfaces, corrosion-resistant materials as well as flush and hygienic connections. At the same time, the sensors withstand the ever more required frequent cleaning and disinfection cycles and are certified by Ecolab and EHEDG.

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