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Pilz at the Rail Live exhibition - Ready for the digital future!

Pilz at the Rail Live exhibition - Ready for the digital future!

19 March 2020

At Rail Live, the international railway conference and exhibition (Madrid (Spain), Pilz will be showing how industry-proven automation solutions can be used for safe control tasks in and on the track. At the accompanying conference, Pilz experts will be speaking on the subject: “From Industrie 4.0 to Rail 4.0”.

The presentation will focus on the automation system PSS 4000-R, with its wide range of application options for digital control tasks in rail transport. PSS 4000-R already has railway-specific safety approvals as a product feature. As a result the automation system is SIL 4-capable across the whole application.

At Rail Live Pilz will use a points controller to demonstrate how the automation system PSS 4000-R controls safety and control technology array elements safely and efficiently. The safe automation system PSS 4000-R serves as the object controller in this process. Such a controller converts the incoming digital signals into control commands, which the end device (in this case, the points) can interpret.

Used with the corresponding software and Pilz's extensive range of consulting and engineering services, the result is economical, digital automation solutions, which meet reliability and safety requirements.

From Industrie 4.0 to Rail 4.0

With safe, digital and networked solutions such as object controllers, Pilz helps network operators and equipment suppliers work towards Rail 4.0. On 1 April, Pilz's railway expert Jan van der Heide will be speaking at the accompanying conference about advanced, digitally networked tools to work towards Rail 4.0.

Object controllers will also be the focus of a roundtable discussion on 1 April: Pilz expert Jan Puig will chair the discussion, the subject being: “Are EULYNX-Ready Object Controllers the key to flexible solutions for Rail 4.0?”.

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