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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Analysis in Incubators, Laboratories, Medical Research, Servicing and more…

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Analysis in Incubators, Laboratories, Medical Research, Servicing and more…

10 September 2019

Euro-Gas Management Services Ltd: CO2-SS-20 is an analyser specially developed to measure, verify and validate Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels in CO2 incubators, proving popular for medical departments, research and laboratories. The analyser is also essential for field service engineers in the repair, validation and calibration of CO2 incubators and equipment.

“We routinely use the CO2-SS-20 CO2 Analyser for conducting checks of CO2 concentration in our 40-plus CO2 incubators. The unit is very well constructed with a clear, intuitive touchscreen user interface. It is easy to calibrate and operation is simple and immediate with fast updates of displayed % concentration. I have no hesitation in recommending this analyser.” P. Topham, Laboratory Manager & Safety Coordinator for Molecular Cell Biology.

“We use the analyser regularly to perform CO2 verification and calibration on our clients’ CO2 Incubators. The product’s ease of use and simple calibration procedure have been extremely useful features, making it our essential field service tool.” J. Featherstone, Service Manager for Laboratory Supplies

CO2 incubators play a critical role in a wide range of clinical and life science research laboratories. Good incubator management and the accuracy of incubator gases is key. CO2 is particularly important as it controls the level of pH, which is vital to the success of IVF and cell culture growth.

The CO2-SS-20 is the latest in handheld analysis, which offers simple and highly accurate CO2 measurement with fast, simple and intuitive touch screen interface. Patented dual beam selective infrared sensor technology ensures fast start and a minimal warm up time of just 6 seconds.

Case Study: CO2 Calibration and Servicing of Laboratory Incubators

“As a field service engineer for almost 20 years in the laboratory equipment market, I have used quite a few different gas analysers in my time. And being a typical engineer, I never like to waste precious time reading user manuals! So the first time I switched on this analyser, I was immediately impressed by the quick start up and sleek touchscreen. I found the user interface remarkably simple to operate.

Within a couple of minutes of familiarising myself with the layout, I was confident to begin. It can be just as easily operated with or without gloves, which is great as 9 times out of 10, I wear gloves when carrying out maintenance and calibration in laboratories. The main functions are operated from the home screen and this analyser has no frustrating menus to endlessly navigate. The on-screen instructions within the calibration screens make the zero and span cal a quick and simple procedure. These are all bonus features to me as a service engineer and also to my customers who also use this model in their labs.

With calibration, the air zero can be done in around 90 seconds and the same applies when using a span gas, as the reading will stabilise in around 90 seconds to two minutes. After two years of ownership of this unit, I can confidently say that each time I connect to my calibration gas bottle to perform a check of the unit, I wonder why I've bothered, as the device has never drifted more than +/-0.05!

For me, this analyser is an essential tool for CO2 Incubator calibration and I use it on a daily basis. Customer sites vary in size and whilst performing on-site calibration at some of the larger sites, I can be working on around 20 or more incubators a day. The excellent battery life allows me to quickly work my way round measurements and verification of CO2 levels on a variety of Incubators such as Panasonic, Thermo, Binder and New Brunswick Scientific. This analyser is small and comfortable to hold in one hand throughout the servicing day. It never lets me down, consistently taking quick and accurate measurements.”

D. Andrew, Servicing Engineering for Scientific Services

The CO2-SS-20 is the latest in handheld CO2 analysis. Weighing just 315g and with comfortable handheld case, the unit is convenient and easy to hold in continued use. The large colour touch screen can be operated whilst wearing gloves and features adjustable display resolution and a flip-out tilting stand. 

This advanced unit completes full check and measurement cycle before other analysers have even got the splash screen out of the way! Battery life is maximised by the ultra low power sensing technique and the unit includes multi-region mains charger kit and USB charging feature. Easy to use for all personnel, the CO2-SS-20 gives fast and accurate CO2 measurement within 0-20% volume range. Such advantages also extend the appeal of the unit into the more traditional areas of CO2 measurement, including horticulture, air quality and safety.

Case Study: CO2 Management in IVF and Cell Culture

With the growth in cell culture research and the number of fertility clinics worldwide, clinics wish to increase standards and success rates to attract clients. In IVF, an unsuccessful cycle may cost a patient thousands and so potential patients will use success rates in their choice of clinics.

In order to maximise the potential for good quality embryos, optimum conditions must be met within the incubator. Optimal conditions for IVF success are 37˚C, 5-6% CO2, 5% O2 and no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). CO2 is particularly important as it controls pH levels, vital to success; pH must be 7.2 and 7.4. Meters for pH are often unreliable and will contaminate samples if placed into the media. However, there is a correlation between CO2 level and pH, so that pH can be controlled by regulating CO2. The CO2-SS-20 CO2 analyser ensures optimal conditions in the incubator to maximise the chance of successful embryo and cell growth.

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