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burster präzisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg

burster präzisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg

Company Profile:

The measurement solution.

It‘s with this ambition and for over half a century burster, a global player in the precision measurement technology industry, supplies some of the world’s most recognizable brands with sensors, precision measuring devices and measuring systems for sensor signaling processing. This is all done through our research, development and production headquarters in Germany. Where quality assurance and production control play a significant role, burster in on bord.

burster is based in the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Precision, quality and versatility are the standards that have shaped the development of this business over more than fifty years into one of the most important suppliers of precision instruments, sensors and systems for sensor signal processing and process monitoring.

At its premises occupying over 5000 m², burster applies the highest quality standards in its production of components and systems in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2008. burster supplies more than 7500 customers across Germany and around the globe. burster’s innovative and experienced team provides these customers with intensive application support even before a decision to buy is made. Solving complex measurement problems and integrating measurement and test technology into production environments for production control, quality assurance and test-equipment monitoring are everyday instrumentation tasks for this business.

burster supplies measuring technology ranging from individual sensors to system solutions, with most customers based in plant construction and engineering, automation, the automotive industry and its suppliers, electrical and electronic engineering and the chemicals industry. It also has a presence in numerous other sectors and future or niche markets such as medical engineering and biotechnology. In addition to solutions employing standard products, burster also provides custom OEM designs and OEM sensors. Many years of experience in the manufacture of measuring sensors and instruments guarantee optimum solutions. This has earned burster a national and international reputation for innovation geared to customers’ needs.

QA standards and tighter product liability regulations are leading to stricter demands for documented inspection of measurement and test equipment. Regular inspection of measurement and test equipment is essential here to ensuring dependable quality assurance. With ever greater demand for compliance with strictest quality requirements, burster’s in-house German-accredited DAkkS calibration laboratory D‑K‑15141-01-00 (accredited since 1980) uses traceable and continuously checked calibration standards to give the customer maximum confidence that these requirements are met. In addition, burster offers its customers a choice of model for on-site calibration and service in order to minimize any downtime or dismantling of machinery and equipment for the customer.

Product Range:

  • Sensors for the measurement of load, miniature load, torque, displacement, pressure, differential pressure and angle of rotation
  • Digital indicators, amplifier modules and lab display devices for sensors
  • Process Interfaces for all sensors
  • System DIGIFORCE®, a universal process controller for monitoring press-fit and joining operations, torque and process curves, plus spring and switch testing, including resistance measurement, signal testing and leak detection
  • Mobile calibration and test devices

Measurement Consultancy and other Services:

  • Competent consultancy on procurement of suitable measuring, test and calibration instruments
  • Intensive application advice in context with instrumentation and calibration technology
  • Design of customized, individual OEM concepts and OEM sensors as solutions for measuring and testing tasks within the sectors of quality control, calibration technology, research and development as well as automation technology
  • Commissioning of measuring equipment and measurement systems on-site and adaptation of our measurement products to your specific machinery and system environment through our routined service field engineers, also including user instruction and training
  • Expert advice in all aspects of calibration in our laboratory or on-site as well as consultancy with regards to inspection equipment monitoring and management
  • Surveillance of test cycles
  • Manufacturer independent calibration of all customary measurement equipment of all industry sectors

  • burster präzisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg
    Talstr. 1-5
    76593 Gernsbach
    Germany / Europe
    Tel.: +49 (0)7224-6450
    Fax: +49 (0)7224-64588
    Web :
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burster präzisionsmesstechnik gmbh & co kg

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