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19 July 2022

Capitalizing on more than 20 years of experience, TEXYS Group highlights the TM-FAST solution for all types of industries, which can be adapted to a multitude of applications requiring monitoring of tightening efforts, surveillance, and preventive maintenance of infrastructures.

In the context of connected objects that are taking a new step with Industry 4.0, instrumentation still plays a major role. Directly linked to the machines or their immediate environment, the sensors allow monitoring of operation and external conditions to optimize and perpetuate the production tool.

On bolted assemblies, the tightening means install the recommended preload and the instrumented and connected screws ensure the monitoring in service. These are no longer reserved solely for the qualification stages, but also find their place among the control and monitoring applications.

The main advantage is that the mechanical characteristics of the screw remain unchanged, while allowing direct and practical access to the measurement. This patented solution has been validated on parts with diameters from M4 to M33, with the aim of instrumenting all types of screws on the market.

With the TM-FAST, you benefit from a complete solution: 

  • Installation: a measurement of the initial tightening and an adjustment to your specifications 
  • Monitoring: a follow-up of the tightening of each instrumented screw, at a frequency defined according to the need and a possible readjustment according to the values obtained
  • Preventive maintenance: monitoring of the evolution over time of the tension in the assembly

We offer different types of instrumented screws, defined according to the needs of each customer:


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