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New Pilz drive solutions for single and multi-axis applications - Flexible, combinable drive controllers

New Pilz drive solutions for single and multi-axis applications - Flexible, combinable drive controllers

24 March 2021

With the new drive controllers PMC SC6 and PMC SI6, Pilz is expanding its portfolio of servo amplifiers to include space-saving, scalable systems for both single and multi-axis applications. Both can be combined flexibly and commissioned quickly. The drive controllers PMC SC6 and PMC SI6 offer high precision, particularly for single or multi-axis applications in the metalworking, packaging or woodworking industry.

The drive controllers PMC SC6 and PMC SI6 are characterised by their compact design, from which the user also benefits: Six axes in the control cabinet only need a total width of 180 mm. The PMC SC6 and PMC SI6 can be commissioned quickly. Parameters for the motor data are set simply and safely via the electronic motor name plate, which provides all the relevant mechanical and electronic motor data digitally. The drive controllers are connected via common communication protocols such as Ethercat and ProfiNet. The wiring work is reduced thanks to hybrid cables, which feature encoder communication and power transmission in one cable.

Scalable multi-axis solution

The drive controller PMC SI6, which is supplied via the power supply PMC PS6, is flexible and suitable for use in large plant and machinery from four axes and above. This is available in two different power supply sizes. So several power supplies can be operated in parallel, which enables the scalability of the central supply module PMC PS6. An asymmetrical rated current load is possible when using dual-axis modules. This reduces type diversity and therefore stockholdings for users. As the multi-axis system can be scaled to suit every application and can be combined to form a powerful low-width multi-axis system, the applications that can be implemented are particularly individualised.

Expandable stand-alone solution

The compact stand-alone drive controllers PMC SC6 with integrated power supply are suitable for use on compact plant and machinery. They are available as single and dual-axis controllers as well as for asynchronous or synchronous servo motors. For machines with more than two axes, PMC SC6 can be expanded using axis modules from the drive controller PMC SI6. The axis module does not have an integral power supply, but is supplied via an intermediate circuit connection from PMC SC6. So the implementation of multi-axis applications is particularly economical.

Complete drive technology

The drive solution with PMC SC6 and PMC SI6 is controlled and evaluated via the motion control system PMCprimo from Pilz. As all the functions on a plant are synchronised, smooth, precise production processes with few downtimes are the result. So users can apply the drive controllers flexibly for their individual single or multi-axis application in the metalworking, packaging or woodworking industry for example.

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