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Vigor Technology Will Announce SSH0802W 3D Laser Scanner

Vigor Technology Will Announce SSH0802W 3D Laser Scanner

25 September 2018
Vigor Technology Will Release SSH0802W 3D Laser Scanner with Advanced Scanning Technologies

Shanghai, China, Sep. 25th, 2018 -- Vigor Technology will announce the SSH0802W 3D laser scanner which is one of the advanced self-developed products of Vigor. This 3D laser scanner has been endowed with many outstanding features such as non-contact measurement, high data sampling rate, high resolution, high precision, good digital compatibility and etc. The Vigor SSH0802W 3D laser scanner can provide a high quality data foundation for intelligent tunnel construction via digitalized tunnel information and visualized tunnel monitoring information, which can effectively improve the efficiency of tunnel construction and reduce casualties.

"Tunnel engineering is a high-risk project. The key point is that the underground geological conditions are not fully grasped. From the perspective of informatics, the collection and transmission of underground surrounding rock environmental information is not timely the information processing is imperfect, and information sharing and utilization are insufficient. Therefore, the key to achieving safe and efficient tunnel construction is to improve the informationization level of tunnel construction and gradually realize digital tunnels and smart tunnels" said by Mr. Zhan, the general manager of Vigor Technology, "the visual monitoring technology of our SSH0802W P-type 3D laser scanner can acquire and store the point cloud data of the tunnel contour through the non-contact scanning measurement, obtain the 3D solid model of the tunnel space through point cloud splicing and filtering analysis, and perform digital information processing and tunnel warning forecast."

Main Technologies of Vigor SSH0802W 3D Laser Scanner

The Vigor SSH0802W 3D laser scanner can obtain three-dimensional information of any complex on-site environment and space targets, quickly reconstruct the three-dimensional model of the target and various data with three-dimensional coordinates such as lines, faces, bodies and spaces, and reproduce the true morphological characteristics of the objective objects. Its features are as follows:

  1. Non-Contact Measurement: this method eliminates the need for a reflective prism and does not require any processing on the target object to directly collect surface data of the object.
  2. High Data Sampling Rate: the sampling point data is much higher than the traditionally measured sampling point data, and the pulsed laser scanning method can count thousands of points per second.
  3. Active Emission Scanning Light Source: 3D laser scanning technology can actively emit laser light without being affected by the scanning environment, and the target point position information is measured by the echo information of the laser light emitted by itself.
  4. High Resolution, High Precision: 3D laser scanning can quickly acquire high-precision, high-resolution point cloud data, and accurate 3D coordinate information of target surface points obtained.
  5. Good Digital Compatibility: it acquires digital signals directly, so it has all-digital features, and its post-processing software has good sharing with other software.
  6. Multidisciplinary Integration: involving modern electronics, optics, mechanics, control engineering, image processing, computer vision, computer graphics, software engineering, etc., is the integration of a variety of advanced technologies.

Key Features of Vigor SSH0802W 3D Laser Scanner

  1. Non-contact measurement
  2. Measuring distance up to 200m
  3. Absolute accuracy 3cm
  4. Two-axis rotation angle range ±170°
  5. Industrial Ethernet port
  6. Convenient and easy to install
  7. Easy to use interface
  8. Aluminum alloy material, machine reinforcement design
  9. Good seal design, protection class IP66

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About Vigor Technology

Shanghai Vigor Technology Development Co., Ltd is located in China, founded in 2001, headquartered in Shanghai, is a comprehensive platform-level technical enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, with products covering sensors, data transmission equipments, data acquisition equipments, automatic measurement systems, intelligent control systems and etc. Its products are widely used in aerospace, military, solar systems, wind turbine systems, tower monitoring systems, tunnel construction and etc.

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