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Vigor SST300 Inclinometer Successfully Used on Automobile with Outstanding Performances

Vigor SST300 Inclinometer Successfully Used on Automobile with Outstanding Performances

17 October 2018

Oct.17th, 2018, Shanghai, China, Vigor Technology technical support team received a customer feedback that Vigor SST300 inclinometer has been successfully used on automobile for 3 months in severe weather with stable working performance and high measuring accuracy. This on-site application case is a good example which proves the trustworthy product quality and remarkable design of Vigor SST300.

Vigor SST300 Effectively Ensures the Safety of Automobile

According to the customer's pictures, the two SST300 inclinometer are installed on the chassis of the automobile. When the automobile is driving normally or climbing the slope, the SST300 inclination sensor outputs the real-time inclination angle of the vehicle body and the inclination angle signal can be directly transmitted to the vehicle control system. Via inclination monitoring to vehicle body, the control system can take effective restrictive operations such as speed limit function. Meanwhile, the automobile control system can also directly convey the tilt angle of the current car body to the display instrument of the car, so that the driver can directly know the current tilt angle of the car and take corresponding operations in time when the tilt angle is too large, which will greatly improve the safety of the automobile when climbing.

SST300 Obtains High Recognition from Customer in Working Stability and Measuring Accuracy

With the development and application of electronic sensing technology, the safety, comfort and intelligence of automobiles are getting higher day by day. The application of vehicle lateral tilt angle sensor is an effective tool to prevent the car from tipping over during driving process, and it is an important measure to improve the safety of the car, especially for off-road vehicles and double-decker buses.
"Our engineer installed it on the automobile 3 months ago for our Research & Development Team" said by Mr. Zhang, the Product Manager of this project, "Currently, it works well with our car control system and the monitoring result is correct as our engineer said."
This positive feedback is the best proof of products' quality as all Vigor products have to pass a series of strict quality control procedures such as simulated life test, automatic calibration, temperature drift characteristic test and etc. before each product is delivered to customer.

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Key Features of Vigor SST300 Tilt Sensor

  1. Highest combined absolute accuracy ±0.01°@25℃
  2. Absolute accuracy combined with absolute linearity, cross axis sensitivity, offset, repeatability, hysteresis
  3. Cross-axis sensitivity ≤±0.1%FS
  4. Offset ≤±0.005°
  5. Precise installation & higher actual accuracy
  6. Adjustable vibration suppression while running
  7. Temperature drift accuracy(optional):±0.05°@-40~+85℃
  8. Various output interfaces
  9. Carried 50 industry & military standards
  10. Principle of MEMS accelerometer

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About Vigor Technology

Established in 2001, Shanghai Vigor technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional attitude measurement and monitoring enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, professional development team and advanced production base. Its products cover inclination sensors, test systems, measurement systems and custom service. Vigor's main market areas are military, aerospace, scientific research and teaching, engineering machinery, automobiles, ships, railways, civil engineering and so on. Based on the mature and stable development of SST series tilt sensor application technology, Vigor Technology is striving to develop comprehensive, high-quality, professional and forward-looking new technologies, new products and services, and we are determined to contribute to the future construction of intelligent machinery to the world.

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