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di-soric SNT AG

di-soric SNT AG

Company information:

SNT Sensortechnik AG is a pioneer in the field of ultrasonic sensors for distance measurement. The SONARANGE® ultrasonic transducers are developed and manufactured in house. They differ from other products especially through their high emitted sound power. This enables them to detect also small and moving objects.

Our products

  • Your specialist for ultrasonic sensors SONARANGE®
  • Your specialist for optical sensors OPTORANGE®

Our markets

  • Machine manufacturing
  • Factory automation (assembling machines, robots)
  • Process control (chemistry, food, construction)
  • Door automation
  • Person detection
  • Vehicle detection
  • ... and much more

Our strengths

  • Fit, fast, flexible, no bureaucracy, customer oriented
  • Rugged sensors with high performance
  • Know-how and production of ultrasonic transducers in-house
  • Well established Swiss quality worldwide since 20 years
  • Standard product range as well as customized solutions

SONARANGE® Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors are mainly used in machine manufacturing and process control for distance measurement, as proximity switch or for room supervision. They work after the principle of time of flight measurement of sound. The time of flight in air (back and forth) is approx. 6ms per meter. Ultrasound is very robust compared to other measuring principles. It passes dirty environment as well, and it is reflected by almost all surfaces. Thus it is independent of material, color and surface structure of the target to be detected.

Why ultrasound?

  • Independent of material, surface, color and size of the object
  • Works under dust, dirt, fog, bright light
  • Detects transparent and shining objects
  • Wide measuring ranges from few mm up to >5m

Why SNT ultrasonic sensors?

  • SNT develops and produces the SONARANGE® transducers in-house.
  • The result is a measurably higher sound power achieved with high transmitter voltage.
  • Thus the sensors are more sensitive and detect also moving and badly detectable and small targets, and they work under high contamination.
  • SNT offers a wide range of sensors and versions.
  • SNT offers customized solutions.


Level control

  • Level measurement in containers and processes
  • Liquids and granulates
  • Checking for tailbacks on conveyor belts

Process control

  • Controlling belt tension or sag
  • Web guide control
  • Detecting material feed

Counting / detection

  • Counting and detection of parts and vehicles
  • Detection of persons, door automation
  • Detection of objects with 'difficult' surface

Scanning of dimensions

  • Height sensing
  • Volume measurement
  • Roll diameter measurement

  • di-soric SNT AG
    Hammerstrasse 6
    8180 Bülach
    Switzerland / Europe
    Tel.: +41 44 817 29 22
    Fax: +41 44 817 10 83
    Web :
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SNT Sensortechnik AG / di-soric SNT AG

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