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Leading Viscosity Control System Provider Selects SenGenuity Technology for New Platform of ViscSense® Viscosity Control System
ViscSense® Viscosity Control SystemThe Norcross ViscSense® System now incorporates the SenGenuity ViSmartTM viscosity sensor. Utilizing Acoustic Wave Technology, the ViSmartTM viscosity sensor is a solid-state, high-reliability, and precision device that provides sensitive, real time, in-line viscosity measurement and temperature monitoring capability. The industrial grade ViSmartTM Viscosity Sensor has a wide operating range that is unaffected by shock, orientation, or flow conditions. Combining SenGenuity’s state-of-art ViSmartTM viscosity sensor with Norcross’s ViscSense® line of Controllers and 60 years of experience in industrial process control presents a very powerful package. Adding the ViSmartTM viscosity sensor to the Norcross “falling piston” line of viscometers affords potential customers further options to address their viscosity control needs. The ViscSense® viscosity control system, including the ViSmartTM sensor, provides a robust viscosity and temperature sensor and user-friendly Human-Machine Interface which simplifies and improves process control ...

SenGenuity Announces FluidTrackr™ Portable Data Logger for Unparalleled Portability and Computing Power
SenGenuity, the Sensors division of Vectron International, today announced the FluidTrackr™ Handheld Datalogger, designed to provide users of ViSmart viscosity sensors with unparalleled mobility, portability, robustness and computing power for real-time in-process viscosity sensing applications. It provides customers with a quick and easy-to-use solution that facilitates rapid data transfer from the process engineer to quality control personnel, while providing real-time process control information at the point of measurement. SenGenuity’s FluidTrackr™ is based on Panasonic’s Toughbook U1 mobile computing product, which combines ruggedness with hot-swappable twin batteries for full-shift productivity. It is the size of a handheld and has numerous durability features, including wireless and UL classification options. The new handheld datalogger also offers a 5.6 inch widescreen display, multiple data interface capabilities and standard 1024 MB SDRAM memory with 16 GB solid-state hard-drive. “Customers are increasingly demanding cost-effective sensor solutions that can ease their installation and data acquisition burden, particularly for applications that require multiple points of measurement,” said Shravan Jumani, product manager, SenGenuity. “The FluidTrackr™ facilitates a far higher degree of flexibility in data acquisition from multiple process control points when deploying our ViSmart viscosity sensor, and is ideal for those applications for which mobility and portability are of paramount importance.” The FluidTrackr™ can be used with any of SenGenuity’s ViSmart sensors ...

SenGenuity Announces IP67-Rated Threaded Bolt Package for ViSmart Viscosity Sensors
Latest Viscosity Sensor Innovation Increases Ease-of-Installation for Embedded Applications, HUDSON, NH — SenGenuity, the Sensors division of Vectron International, today announced that its ViSmart viscosity sensor is now available with an IP67-rated threaded bolt option. The IP67 rating optimizes the ViSmart sensor for use in applications where ease-of-install and integration to host control systems is paramount, such as process control, and expands SenGenuity’s reach into oil processing markets. SenGenuity will be showcasing its entire ViSmart viscosity sensor family in Hall B5, Booth 237 at electronica 2008, from November 11 to 14. SenGenuity’s IP67 threaded bolt ViSmart sensor enables a sensor to be completely immersed in fluid, overcoming the limitations of other sensors which could only be immersed from the sensor tip to the threads. This allows designers to fully integrate the sensor in tanks and enclosures. Available in half-inch NPT or half-inch BPT thread configurations, SenGenuity’s ViSmart threaded bolt viscosity sensors come equipped with a smart sensor interface, providing for easy installation and seamless integration into a large variety of embedded applications, including diesel gensets, turbines, gearboxes and rotating equipment. This packaging upgrade of the ViSmart viscosity sensor also offers even greater accuracy of temperature measurement, providing customers with and real-time process control information. SenGenuity's ViSmart viscosity sensor is ...


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