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ToughSonic® 50 REMOTE Level Sensor

ToughSonic® 50 REMOTE Level Sensor

30 January 2020
Level & Distance Data collection for Remote Monitoring

Senix: REMOTE sensors are designed for level and distance measurement in remote monitoring and other demanding outdoor applications. Surge protection assures reliable performance in lightning prone areas, and they consume less power than our other models.

Connect to one sensor or up to 32 sensors in an RS-485 network group. Whether your data needs are simple or complex this sensor can handle them.

Connect with displays, RTUs, PLCs, PCs or custom systems. These all-weather sensors provide years of maintenance free service and survive submersion.


Addressable Modbus RTU industry standard protocol is supported by PCs and most monitoring equipment.

Protocol options also include simple ASCII or phased high speed multi-sensor data collection for special applications.

Baud rate selectable from 9600 to 115k to meet your needs.

Operating mode can be either measure-on-poll or free-running. When free running the latest data is returned on poll. In either mode sensor data may be filtered or averaged by pre-selected algorithms.

SenixVIEW software supports configuration and testing of one sensor or a group (network) of sensors. It also allows storage and recall of setups for fast sensor cloning (copying) to save time.

Features & Benefits

Rugged Packaging contains electronics and cable potted into a stainless 316 housing for reliable performance in wet or dirty environments.

Smart Ultrasonics gives you control of sensor parameters to optimize performance in each application. Additional support features include data logging, statistics and output test features for installation and verification.

Distance Measurements are made without contact with the liquid or solid material and are:

  • Long range, short dead band
  • Unaffected by optical factors like color and transparency
  • Narrow beam with adjustable sensitivity to suit your needs
  • Temperature compensated
  • No warmup, ready to measure within 1 second of power on
Indoor & Outdoor

The REMOTE 50 offers high performance, short distance measurement in challenging remote monitoring installations and many other environments.

Surge Protected for transients up to 7 kV on the data and power circuits — 75% stronger immunity than CE EMC directives, for improved lightning resistance.

20% Lower Power consumption than our ToughSonic 30 for solar/battery installations.

Some Example Applications:

  • Irrigation control
  • Open channel flow
  • Flood Monitoring
  • Agricultural machine control
  • Liquid tank networks
  • SCADA level sensing
     (*Supervisory Control and Data A

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