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The new ProfiSignal 5.1 software version

The new ProfiSignal 5.1 software version

06 February 2020

Delphin Technology AG: At the start of the year, Microsoft ended support for Windows 7. As a result, many PCs in measurement applications will no longer be adequately protected against external attacks. This is an issue that also affects our customers in the field of measurement technology.

Please check which version of ProfiSignal you are using because the latest version of ProfiSignal is now available.

What new features does ProfiSignal 5.1 have?

  • Compatibility with the latest Windows versions
  • OPC UA now also available in the Data Service and Data Center
  • New diagram types for ProfiSignal Basic and Klicks
  • OpenJDK as a replacement for Java JDK

Our ProfiSignal and ProfiSignal Web software systems are continuously updated to remain compatible with the latest operating systems. We will be happy to provide you with an offer on updating or upgrading your existing system.

OPC UA now also available in the Data Service

The OPC UA client interface is now also available as a driver for the Data Service and Data Center. It enables measurement and process data to be easily transferred directly via a PC interface. Like measurement data from Delphin hardware, measurement and process data can then be archived, monitored and visualized using ProfiSignal.

OPC UA is a state-of-the-art interface that is easy to set up for the user and is increasingly establishing itself in industrial applications.

New diagram types for visualization and evaluation

Bar charts are usually used for evaluation purposes. They are also useful as live displays as they can show distributed data and thus provide quick overviews with the measurement data undergoing continuous update.

They also provide options to display a specific number of values from the same measuring channel ("moving bars") enabling the detection of trends. The latest data can be shown both as time and event triggered displays with previous data also being viewable.

ProfiSignal Vibro now provides concentric diagram types for air gap measurement. These diagrams, which can be used in ProfiSignal Basic and Clicks applications, include concentric bar charts, polar profile graphs and concentricity diagrams. They can be used, for example, on engine and generator test stands and are also useful for commissioning rotating machines.

OpenJDK replaces Java JDK

In addition to Windows 10 compatibility, we have now also integrated the OpenJDK into ProfiSignal Klicks. The Java JDK had previously been installed but Oracle has now changed its licensing concept with Java JDK now being subject to a fee.

As a response to many customer requests, we have taken the opportunity to convert to OpenJDK in the new ProfiSignal V5.1 software version.

This particularly affects applications and users who work with ProfiSignal Klicks. Have you created detailed applications with ProfiSignal? We will be happy to help you switch to the new version.

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