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New wire-actuated encoder for 12 m measuring length – robust, compact, flexible

New wire-actuated encoder for 12 m measuring length – robust, compact, flexible

06 November 2019

Robust, compact and flexible – sounds like an impossible combination? Not for us! The new SG121 wire-actuated encoder from SIKO proves it. There are good reasons why this sensor manufacturer from Buchenbach near Freiburg has made a name for itself as a specialist in the area of wire-actuated sensors. Its extensive experience, acquired over 30 years of development and production of these compact position sensors, is particularly evident in the multitude of small details. The fact that the new SG121 wire-actuated encoder is suitable for measuring lengths up to 12 m also reflects this. It impresses not only because of its compact size, which means it does not require much space, but also with its resilience and flexibility.

Compact and robust

Long measuring lengths and a housing that is as compact as possible. This requirement is not only common in intralogistics and with manufacturers of mobile machines. In stationary machine construction, too, it is an important factor in the choice of sensors for new machine concepts. The new SG121 wire-actuated encoder is unique on the market with its installation depth of just 70mm x 85mm x 105mm. But the space-saving wire-actuated encoder makes no compromises when it comes to sturdiness! The robust aluminum housing, coupled with impact-resistant plastic, survives even the harshest of operating conditions. Temperatures between -40 and +80°C, high shock and vibration loads, dirt, dust and water make no impression on the wire-actuated encoder. For outdoor applications in low temperature ranges, a version with integrated water drain holes is also available. This prevents water that has penetrated the sensor from freezing at below-zero temperatures and thus increases the service life.

Flexible down to the last detail – a range of interfaces and Wire-Flex technology

The flexible 58 mm flange system can be used with almost any interface. The customer can select the interface appropriate for the application, whether it’s an incremental interface such as HTL or TTL, or an absolute interface such as analog, SSI, CANopen, SEA J1939, CANopen Safety, Fieldbus or Ethernet.

And that’s not where the flexibility of the wire-actuated sensor ends. The wire outlet also sets quality standards. With the unique Wire-Flex technology, it is possible to ensure that the wear on the wire is kept to a minimum, even if it pulls out at an angle. The conical shape of the wire outlet and the various types of wire ensure that any deposits on the wire can be removed easily. The wire-actuated encoder thus automatically compensates for mechanical tolerances in the machine or vehicle and protects the function and service life of the measurement system – even in harsh ambient conditions.

Also suitable for reliable position detection

The SIKO SG121 wire-actuated encoder provides increased safety in combination with the redundant WV58MR safety rotary encoder and can be used in the overall system in applications up to performance level d (PLd). This is made possible by the mechanical design and software specially designed for the purpose. Not only the electronics but also the mechanics are monitored and hazardous conditions are avoided. The new SG121 is therefore perfect for use in mobile machines.


  • Robust and compact design
  • Measuring lengths of up to 12 m
  • Wire outlet with Wire-Flex technology
  • Incremental, analog, Fieldbus or Ethernet interfaces available
  • Also available in safety version in combination with the SIKO WV58MR rotary encoder

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