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New version of the Message series – ProfiMessage D

New version of the Message series – ProfiMessage D

25 March 2020
A success story continues

Delphin Technology AG: The tried and tested, modular Message series is now available in a new version under the name ProfiMessage D. The "D" stands for "Display" with the new data logger now having a display based on state-of-the-art OLED technology.

The display makes basic settings easy (e.g. network settings) and enables access to key parameters as well as to the latest measurement data. By providing this feature, we are meeting a need requested by many customers.

When developing ProfiMessage D, Delphin attached great importance to retaining Message's tried and tested functions and interfaces while also significantly increasing its performance.

ProfiMessage D gives you measurement technology precisely tailored to your needs. The devices can be equipped with a range of input and output cards to meet your application's current requirements. For future needs, extension modules can be used to extend the system.

ProfiMessage D has more power with a new, upgraded CPU to enable extra internal signal processing along with complex calculation, control and regulating functions. Delphin's data loggers are known for being interface wonders.
ProfiMessage D now also adds PROFINET and WLAN interfaces as options. As with all Delphin products, many other interfaces are also on board. OPC UA DA client and server, OPC UA HA server, PROFIBUS DP, CAN Bus, Modbus, RS232, LAN and USB C are all available in one compact data logger to enable easy integration with common standards.

Why change now?

By updating your system to ProfiMessage D, your investment will be protected for many years to come. 

Upgrading from TopMessage or ProfiMessage systems is quick and easy due to ProfiMessage D's dimensions and terminals being identical. Control cabinets and special models, e.g. table-top housings and measuring cases, will therefore require no modifications.

The existing Top or ProfiMessage configuration can also be used.

Upgrading to a new system has never been easier.

Long-term Message users will welcome the extra storage space. They can choose between 4 GB and 16 GB internal data storage as standard. An integrated display gives direct access to all key parameters, e.g. IP addresses, as well as to the latest measurement data. The interfaces have also undergone significant development. A powerful 1 GB standard network interface has been implemented. The ProfiMessage D can also operate wirelessly when required, with a WLAN interface now available as an option. There is also an optional PROFINET interface for users requiring data exchange with controllers and other bus users. 2x RJ45 connectors enable the PROFINET interface to achieve the MRP ring redundancy and conformity class CC-B. Any topology can therefore be implemented (star, ring, tree, etc.). For device-memory read-outs, a USB C 2.0 interface is provided.

The new ProfiMessage D is maintenance-free. No battery replacement is required.

ProfiMessage D is also fully compatible with ProfiSignal Web which can be run in the device to view online and offline measurement data without any installation on a mobile device required. Measurement systems using dynamic diagrams are also very simple to create so you'll always have an overview.  

The following gives a quick summary of the features:

  • Latest generation modular system
  • Clear display to make start-up easy
  • Higher CPU performance
  • 1 GB network interface
  • Optional WLAN
  • Optional PROFINET
  • Maintenance-free
  • Compatible with ProfiSignal and ProfiSignal Web
  • identical form to TopMessage and ProfiMessage
  • Easy to install as an upgrade in your existing control cabinet, case or housing
  • Simple re-configuration
  • A safe investment in measuring and testing technology

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