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New subjects for the

New subjects for the "Automation on Tour" 2019 seminar series - Fresh knowledge for machinery safety

30 November 2018

Keeping machinery safety knowledge up to date – that has been the aim of Pilz's "Automation on Tour" series of events for the last 10 years. In its anniversary year the organisers have added new subjects to the tried and tested "Safe Automation" and "Safe Operation of Plant and Machinery" seminars as well as the "Safe Motion" workshop. In 2019 the free seminars will be taking place in over 60 locations throughout Germany.

In the "Safe Automation" seminar, delegates learn how variable machine and plant values can be monitored safely. Experts from Pilz present the application areas and normative regulations, as well as demonstrating how hazardous situations are divided into levels, known as Performance Levels (PL). The required PL is then implemented using various system architectures. A practical example is used to present solutions for monitoring safely reduced speed and analogue values; these are then verified in accordance with normative specifications.

Machinery safety for operators
The seminar "Safe Operation of Plant and Machinery" shows how the machinery safety requirements can be implemented in practice for operators. The focus here is on the principles of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, with regard to the operation of machinery and the current requirements regarding maintenance. Delegates use practical examples to learn about the individual steps involved in the safety-related assessment, carrying out inspections, evaluating the state of the art and converting machinery.

"Safe Motion" workshop: Hands-on learning
The "Safe Motion" workshop also has a strong practical base: the task is to safely feed material into a joining device automatically with robot assistance. Pilz experts work with delegates to commission the individual functions step by step. Together they work through the safety-related procedure in compliance with DIN EN 13849, teach-in the robot, set parameters for the safety controller and perform the verification. The workshops are conducted in small groups, enabling an in-depth exchange.

Information on content, dates, venues and registration is available here

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