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MEMSIC INC Announces New MEMS White Paper

MEMSIC INC Announces New MEMS White Paper

26 April 2016
How to select the right kind of acceleration sensor for high vibration applications: Capacitive Versus Thermal

Accelerometer Technologies for inclination sensing for cranes, tractors, dump trucks, buses, wood chippers and other high vibration equipment commonly used in demanding environments

Andover, Massachusetts - MEMSIC Inc., a leading sensing solutions provider, today announced the availability of a new whitepaper for heavy equipment design engineers and developers who need to pick the right kind of acceleration sensors.

This new MEMSIC whitepaper discusses various uses for accelerometers used in construction, testing and transportation equipment.  

This whitepaper provides an in-depth analysis of Capacitive and Thermal Accelerometers as well as the differences between these two leading accelerometer technologies; as well as their benefits and advantages.  The paper covers how these two technologies impact device sensitivity, resistance to shock and vibration, and overall performance in demanding real world industrial and construction environments.

“Equipment designers have a choice between capacitive-based or thermal MEMS (microelectromechanical) accelerometers,” explains James Fennelly, MEMSIC product manager. “They need to consider several design variables, including sensor structure, sensor resonance, reliability, stability, bandwidth, and power consumption, together with cost.”

If you prefer, we can set up a call with a MEMSIC technical specialist who can provide additional details. High res images and word doc supplied upon request.


MEMSIC Inc., headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts, provides advanced semiconductor sensors and multi-sensor system solutions based on micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology and sophisticated integration technologies in both the IC level and module level. MEMSIC’s unique and proprietary approach combines leading-edge sensor technologies, such as magnetic sensors, accelerometers, flow sensors and current sensors with mixed-signal processing circuitry to produce reliable, high quality, cost-effective solutions for the mobile phone, automotive, consumer, industrial, medical and general aviation markets.

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