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greenTEG receives the #1000 solutions label from the Solar Impulse Foundation

07 February 2020

greenTEG AG: Last month, the Solar Impulse Foundation awarded the 1000 solutions label to the gO Measurement System (gOMS) - the leading measurement device for planning energetic retrofits of the building stock. The foundation highlights the potential of the gOMS for improving the carbon footprint of buildings through significant energy savings. At greenTEG, we are very honoured for this prestigious award, and we appreciate the work of the Solar Impulse Foundation to build a sustainable future.

The Solar Impulse Foundation, founded by Swiss entrepreneur and philanthropist Bertrand Piccard, is a Swiss organization whose vision is to bridge the gap between ecology and economy. It supports the development of solutions that combine the protection of the environment with profitability, believing that sustainability could be widely adopted if is not perceived as an economic or behavioral sacrifice.

As a part of this effort, the Solar Impulse Foundation gives the #1000solutions label to those products and services that combine profitability and ecological sustainability. The list includes both products and services that build a bridge between clean efficiency and profitability.

greenTEG is a spin-off from the ETH, based in Zurich. Founded 10 years ago, it excels in the production and development of heat flux sensors for R&D and OEM purposes, with clients all over the world. Its excellence has been recognized by several innovation prices and project awards during the last years, including Innosuisse, Venture Lab, and Climate KIC.

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Holger Hendrichs, VP of Marketing and Sales

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