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gSKIN® Digital Sensor Data Logger Kit

01 November 2018

Start your temperature and heat flux measurements straight out of the box with the gSKIN® XO-Temp sensor & MultiLog datalogger package.

Quick & Easy Setup

No hassle with calibration, soldering wires or incompatible data loggers. greenTEG’s MultiLog Logger is designed to work with the gSKIN® XO-67 5D-Temp sensor in a plug-and-play fashion. Then, download the recorded data to PC via a USB connection.

Multichannel Datalogger

With multiple input ports, the MultiLog connects up to three XO-67 5D-Temp sensors and logs the temperature and heat flux measurements simultaneously.

Live Data Display

Monitor ongoing temperature and heat flux measurements via the MultiLog’s LED display.

Reliable Digital Output

Electronics within the sensor outputs a digital signal that is less susceptible to environmental interference and user-dependent setup, resulting in more reliable and consistent measurement results.

Weatherproof & Water Resistant

The sensor is rated to IP44 class protection which guarantees water spray protection from any direction. The embedding further acts a low pass filter, reducing signal noise due to natural and forced air convection.

High Accuracy

A large guard area eliminates edge effects and ensures homogeneous heat flow through the sensing element, resulting in a high heat flux measurement accuracy of ±3%

Sensor Specifications

Material: Thermally conductive polymer
Dimensions (l x w x h) [mm]: 30 x 30 x 3.3
Operating temperature range [°C]: -50 to +80
Temperature measurement accuracy [°C]: +/- 0.1
Temperature measurement resolution [°C]: 0.01
Heat flux measurement range [kW/2]: +/- 35
Temperature measurement accuracy [°C]: +/- 3
Heat flux sensor resolution [W/m2]: 0.09
Min./Avg.1 heatflux sensor sensitivity [μV/(W/m2)]: 10 / 20

1Only a reference point

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