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Vigor Technology Unveils SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer for Accurate Tilt Measurement

Vigor Technology Unveils SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer for Accurate Tilt Measurement

25 September 2018

Shanghai, China, Sep. 25th, 2018 -- Recently, Vigor Technology announces its dynamic inclinometer SST810 to the global market which is an inertial product that provides a high refresh rate of dynamic roll and pitch angle measurements for moving objects. Vigor Technology research and development team has concentrated on SST810 for years with rich application experiences in tilt measurement. It provides fast and accurate tilt measurement solutions for rapid movement ships, engineering machines, robots, radar, weapon platforms, transportation vehicles and etc.

"Traditional inclinometer is based on accelerometer and electrolyte principles, when it has been used on vehicles, vessels and other items of rapid movement, the measurement result will be affected by extra axial acceleration and centripetal acceleration, so that valid angle measurement data can't be identified effectively, and the accuracy is unable to be guaranteed", said by Mr. Zhan, who is the general manager of Vigor Technology, "fortunately, our SST810 dynamic inclinometer comes to the world. It brings an effective solution for tilt measurement on rapid-moving items, without assistance of GPS and etc."

Main Characteristics of Vigor SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer

  1. True dynamic tilt measurement without drift
  2. Reasonable price and high working performance
  3. Built-in three-axis accelerometer and three-axis gyroscope
  4. Dynamic repeatability ±0.5°
  5. Maximum refresh rate of 100Hz
  6. Work independently, no external auxiliary sensors required
  7. Any mounting position, no need to be installed at the mass center of the carrier
  8. Adaptive power and vibration shock environment...
    To learn more features of Vigor SST810 dynamic inclinometer, please visit:

Applications of Vigor SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer

SST810 dynamic inclinometer effectively removes the interference of the accelerometer dynamics and the cumulative drift of the gyroscope, and timely tracks the change of the system tilt angle to obtain a more accurate dynamic angle value.

It has been widely used in construction machinery, rail transit, ships, cars, weapon platforms, robots, photovoltaic platform , level measurement compensation, dynamic GPS assistance , power line monitoring, etc. Currently, Vigor SST810 has been successfully used in different areas in China, Korea and etc.

About Vigor Technology

Shanghai Vigor Technology Development Co., Ltd is located in China, founded in 2001, headquartered in Shanghai, is a comprehensive platform-level technical enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, with products covering sensors, data transmission equipments, data acquisition equipments, automatic measurement systems, intelligent control systems and etc. Its products are widely used in aerospace, military, solar systems, wind turbine systems, tower monitoring systems, tunnel construction and etc. More information, please go ahead to:

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