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Vigor Technology Tilt Sensors Sparkled on New-Tech Exhibition

01 October 2018

In 2005, Vigor Technology started to extend the business in overseas market and now its sales network is expanding rapidly around the world. Recently, Vigor Technology and its partner RELCOM participated the New-Tech 2018 in Turkey along with the best-selling tilt sensors including Vigor Wi-Fi inclinometer, GYRO inclinometer, GPS inclinometer, SST810 dynamic inclinometer and etc. As one of the largest and major exhibitions of the Hi-Tech & Electronics field, this exhibition attracted thousands of visitors. Vigor tilt sensors captured countless eyeballs during the process and many visitors showed great interest of their products.

"When increasing people prefer to learn potential clients from online resources such as website, Facebook, LinkedIn and etc., but I still think that exhibition is an indispensable way to let more customers know about our product in a real scenario " said by Dominique, the Overseas Sales Manager of Vigor Technology. "On the exhibition, our client can touch our products and communicate with our sales team face by face, so exhibition is absolutely a trustworthy way for establishing a long-term extensive partnership."

Vigor Products Displayed on New-Tech 2018
. Wi-Fi Inclinometer:
The wireless inclinometer is integrated with wireless sensor network technology and Vigor-patented tilt measurement technology, suitable for industrial remote tilt measurement system application. On the basis of the wireless tilt sensor, it's easy to build WSN system with low cost for long-term stable working.
. GPS Inclinometer:
The product is combined with GPS module and unique tilt measurement technology; it provides accurate roll & pitch angle data, but also provides position, time and speed information within a short time.
. SST500 Servo Inclinometer:
It features high precision which meets the military tilt measurement standards, developed with inertial navigation technology, machine-electric % inertial test technology.
. SST300 Explosion-proof Inclinometer:
It is based on the Vigor-patented inclination measurement technology and special EX protections, featuring high accuracy, high durability and excellent explosion-proof performance.
. SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer:
This tilt sensor is specially designed for motion application which is an inertial product for measuring dynamic roll & pitch angle with high update rate, 1000Hz.

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About Vigor Technology

Shanghai Vigor Technology Development Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, headquartered in Shanghai, is a comprehensive platform-level technical enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, with products covering sensors, data transmission equipments, data acquisition equipments, automatic measurement systems, intelligent control systems and etc. Its products are widely used in aerospace, military, solar systems, wind turbine systems, tower monitoring systems, tunnel construction and etc.

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