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Vigor Technology Provides Tower Verticality Sensors for Telecom Tower Health Monitoring

Vigor Technology Provides Tower Verticality Sensors for Telecom Tower Health Monitoring

27 May 2019

Vigor Technology: In the power and communication network, the tower as a basic support is the guarantee for the safe operation of the power grid and communication network. In some areas, the environmental conditions are relatively harsh, and there are often natural damages caused by lightning strikes, rain and snow, desert winds, mountain torrents, mudslides, and collapses of coal mine goafs, engineering construction, and damages, which often cause the communication towers to tilt, resulting in communication disruption. Such accidents have seriously affected industrial and agricultural production and daily life.

In order to timely monitor the tilting status of the tower, timely handling of tower failures, ensuring the safe operation of the communication network, and greatly reducing the work intensity of the line workers, it is of great significance to monitoring the communication tower remotely in real time. With the development of MEMS, acceleration and inertial navigation technology, inclinometer manufacturers such as Vigor Technology has applied these technologies into the development of tilt angle sensors. On the basis of actual attitude monitoring requirements of the communication towers and Internet of Things technology, Vigor Technology SST400 digital inclinometer and the SST810 gyroscope inclinometer provide effective support for remote monitoring of the telecom tower.

SST400 Tilt Sensor Monitors the Verticality of Telecom Tower in Real Time

Vigor Technology SST400 high-precision tilt sensor is installed in the middle and lower part of the communication tower. It can accurately measure the tilt deformation of the tower body in real time, and directly output the analog signal, the ASCII data and switching signal, then the signal is transmitted to the communication tower monitoring system in real time. When the inclination of the communication tower reaches or exceeds the sensitive value, the monitoring personnel can immediately know and take corresponding countermeasures to prevent the collapse of the communication tower.

SST810 Monitors the Dynamic Attitude of Telecom Tower Tip in Real Time

Vigor Technology SST810 Dynamic Inclination Sensor is installed at the tip of the communication tower for real-time monitoring of the dynamic attitude of the tower top, ie dynamic roll and pitch angle, and transmits the signal to the communication tower monitoring system.

About Vigor Technology

Vigor Technology is a professional manufacturer of inclination sensors, 3D laser scanners, slope inclinometers and etc. It provides professional attitude monitoring solutions for various towers, such as communication towers, transmission towers, wind towers, etc. For more details on the communication tower attitude monitoring solution, please click the link.

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