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Senix Introduces AirWire® Local LoRa

Senix Introduces AirWire® Local LoRa

10 October 2018

Senix: Need to know how much diesel fuel is in the tank, how high the water level is under the bridge, or whether the chicken feed will last longer than the chickens?  Senix ToughSonic Level Sensors can now get these answers to your desk or mobile device quickly, safely and inexpensively using the emerging LoRa spread-spectrum wireless technology.

  • No cellular charges
  • You own it
  • Very low power
  • Good range
  • Latest IoT standards
  • Secure wireless

What Are AirWire Local and LoRa?

Senix wireless products carry the brand name AirWire, and products designed to operate at distances of 10 miles or less we call AirWire Local. LoRa is an emerging wireless technology that handles many applications at low power, low cost and with good range performance. Senix AirWire can:

  • Collect level data from monitor sites and put it to use
  • Display and alert level or volume conditions
  • Use in buildings or outdoors
  • Real-time measurements
  • 2-5 years on D-cell batteries
  • Measure heights to 50-feet with ToughSonic sensors

Why Use AirWire Local and LoRa?

  • Less expensive than running conduit inside buildings
  • No wiring or power needed at monitored sites
  • No cellular connect charges within the LoRa network
  • Reduce labor and increase safety with fewer site visits
  • Relatively long range handles many nearby applications
  • Very low power consumption
  • Ideal for measurement rates of a few times per hour
  • Measure rate can be as fast as 15 seconds and scheduled to meet special needs
  • High Security for privacy, measurement integrity and authenticity
  • Data can be restricted to company LAN or connected to cloud services
  • Conforms to latest IoT standards and can integrate with existing applications

Contact Senix today to learn more about TouchSonic Liquid Level and Distance Sensors and AirWire and LoRa technology for wireless and IoT applications!!

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