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On-Site Application of Vigor Technology Mine-Type 3D Laser Scanner

On-Site Application of Vigor Technology Mine-Type 3D Laser Scanner

11 October 2018

On Sep.27th, Beijing time, Vigor Technology engineers came to a Mining Co., Ltd. to test the newly-developed SSD-type mine 3D laser scanner after they received the invitation of the heavy machinery enterprise.

Risk of Traditional On-Site Operation in Mine Industry

This heavy machinery enterprise is a high-tech enterprise specializing in underground fire safety, located in Hubei province, China. Its main products cover mane trolleys, rock drilling rigs and mining machines. At present, most of the construction machinery on the market adopts the method of man-made on-site operation, and the traditional construction operation method cannot effectively guarantee the operator safety and property safety during operation. Fortunately, Vigor SSD-type mine 3D laser scanner will be announced to the market in order to solve this problem.

Vigor 3D Laser Scanner Makes Unmanned Intelligent Construction Available in Mine Industry

Vigor 3D Laser Scanner is a type of 3D measuring instrument specially designed for explosion-proof inclination measurement in mining industry. It can quickly acquire the 3D coordinate data of the measured object surface with high resolution through the high-speed laser scanning measurement method. Its rapid and large-scale collection of hole point data provides a new technical means for quickly establishing a three-dimensional image model of an object, which breaks through the traditional single-point measurement method and has remarkable advantages such as high efficiency and high precision.

The on-site test of Vigor 3D laser scanner lays a solid foundation for the subsequent unmanned intelligent construction with engineering machinery. Their current technical method lets the operator to operate the on-site construction machinery for real-time scanning and monitoring in monitoring room as the Vigor 3D laser scanner can quickly acquire the on-site pictures and point cloud data and send it to the operator's monitoring screen. It can not only fully guarantee the safety of life and property of the operators, but also ensure rapid, effective and accurate on-site construction.

On-Site Testing Results

The engineers of Vigor Technology demonstrated the workflow of the SSD-type mine 3D laser scanner for 3 hours at the 200-meters underground of the Copper Mine. They introduced the physical rock surface and the 3D scanner to the workers in detail, and the comparison of cloud data has been unanimously recognized by the heavy machine operators and leaders.

About Vigor Technology

Established in 2001, Shanghai Vigor technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional attitude measurement and monitoring enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, professional development team and advanced production base. Its products cover inclination sensors, test systems, measurement systems and custom service. Vigor's main market areas are military, aerospace, scientific research and teaching, engineering machinery, automobiles, ships, railways, civil engineering and so on. Based on the mature and stable development of SST series tilt sensor application technology, Vigor Technology is striving to develop comprehensive, high-quality, professional and forward-looking new technologies, new products and services, and we are determined to contribute to the future construction of intelligent machinery to the world.

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