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Inclination Sensor Monitors Tower Crane in Real Time to Prevent Rollover Accident

Inclination Sensor Monitors Tower Crane in Real Time to Prevent Rollover Accident

28 February 2019

With the development of the construction industry, the mechanization of construction has increased year by year. Tower crane is a kind of machinery that can realize vertical and horizontal transportation of materials, especially because of its high lifting height, large lifting weight and wide working range. It has been widely used in the construction industry.

Great Necessity of Detecting the Inclination of Tow Crane with Inclination Sensors

However, due to the large structure of the tower crane and the high altitude operation, the tower crane tipping accident is prone to occur. These accidents not only affected the progress of construction, but also brought huge loss of life and property to the country and the people.

At present, the tower crane is equipped with a safety limit device, which mainly includes a lifting limiter, a lifting torque limiter, an amplitude limiter, a lifting height limiter, and a swing limiter. The function of the safety device is that the tower crane automatically cuts off the power supply once it exceeds the set value during use, preventing the tower crane accident from occurring. More important, it may cause the tower to tip over. The inspection of hidden dangers of the tower crane is not in place. Although the safety limit device is installed on the tower crane, the existence of some hidden dangers is not detected, and the risk factors are intensified in the hoisting or specific circumstances. The tower body tilted too much and caused the tower crane to tip over. Therefore, how to effectively detect the inclination of the tower body before use and during use when the angle of inclination is greater than a certain critical state, is really important. However, timely alarm can effectively prevent the occurrence of tower crane rollover accident.

Among the tower crane anti-tip monitoring devices, tilt sensor is one of the most important measuring device. The function of the inclination measuring device is to measure the tilt angle of the tower body in real time. Since the inclination of the tip of the tower body changes little, the sampling frequency of the inclination measuring device should be in the range of 0.5-10 Hz, and the measurement accuracy is higher than 0.05 degree. At the same time, it is necessary to filter out the noise caused by the vibration of the tower top, ensure reliable communication and accurate judgment.

Vigor Technology SST810 Dynamic Gyroscope Inclinometer and SST20 Static Inclinometer have been applied on tower cranes for monitoring the real-time inclination status.

SST20 Tilt Sensor Monitors the Tilt Angle of Tower Crane Body in Real Time

SST20 Tilt Sensor is adjustable from 5 to 50Hz, the highest measuring accuracy is up to ±0.07°. The external transmission interface includes CAN2.0B, CANopen, current output, voltage output and RS485. SST20 tilt sensor is installed under the command control console for measuring the tilt angle of the tower crane body. The SST20 tilt sensor uses a high-resolution differential digital-to-analog converter with built-in automatic compensation and filtering algorithms to greatly reduce the error caused by environmental changes. Converting the change of static gravitational field into dip angle change, directly outputting the current roll angle and pitch angle by digital means, the product is easy to install, simple to use, small in size, resistant to external electromagnetic interference, strong in vibration and impact resistance, and completely suitable for tower crane anti-tip warning systems / completely meet the requirements of tower crane anti-tip warning system.

SST810 Tilt Sensor Dynamically Monitor the Roll Angle and Pitch Angle of the Hook

SST810 Dynamic Tilt Sensor is specially designed for motion application, which is a professional inertial product with highest 400Hz refresh rate. It adopts advanced inertial navigation technology to exactly measure dynamic pitch/roll tilt angle for long time, without aiding of GPS. This tilt sensor is built in MEMS triaxial accelerometer and triaxial gyroscope with dynamic accuracy ±0.5°, optional ±1° or ±0.1°. SST810 tilt sensor is installed on the lifting hook which can dynamically monitor the roll angle and pitch angle of the hook in real time to prevent the object from tipping over.

About Vigor Technology

Established in 2001, Shanghai Vigor Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional attitude measurement and monitoring enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, professional development team and advanced production base. Its products cover inclination sensors, test systems, measurement systems and custom service. Vigor's main market areas are military, aerospace, scientific research and teaching, engineering machinery, automobiles, ships, railways, civil engineering and so on. Based on the mature and stable development of SST series tilt sensor application technology, Vigor Technology is striving to develop comprehensive, high-quality, professional and forward-looking new technologies, new products and services, and we are determined to contribute to the future construction of intelligent machinery to the world. Welcome to visit its official website for more information.

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