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Application of Vigor Inclination Sensor in Monitoring Bridge Foundation Safety

Application of Vigor Inclination Sensor in Monitoring Bridge Foundation Safety

31 October 2018

Bridge is a kind of building that crosses the mountain stream, bad geology or meets other traffic needs to make the traffic more convenient. Bridges are generally composed of span structures, abutments, piers, superstructures and foundations. The function of bridge foundations is to bear all the loads transmitted from the superstructures and transmit them to the ground together with the loads from the substructures.

Why Engineers Use Inclinometer to Measure the Safety of Bridge Foundation?

Because the bridge foundation has been affected by stress, natural environmental factors and strain problems for a long time, the bridges may be dangerous in safety. In order to avoid the occurrence of major accidents due to the health of the bridge foundation, it is necessary to establish a standardized and perfect monitoring system. Among the numerous physical quantities to be measured in the bridge, it is an indispensable task to use the inclination sensor to measure small changes in the inclination angle of the bridge foundation.

Best Inclinometer for Monitoring the Bridge Foundation Safety

The SST400 series inclinometer developed by Vigor Technology can be perfectly used for tilt monitoring of bridge foundation. Currently, it has been successfully used on various bridges at home and abroad.

  1. Key Parameters of Vigor SST400 Inclinometer:
    - Measuring accuracy: up to±20"
    - Repeatability: ±9"
    - Axis: single or double
    - Output: digital output (RS232, RS485, CAN2.0B); analog output (4-20mA, 0-5V etc.)
  2. Main Features of Vigor SST400 Inclinometer:
    - Continuous output or acknowledge output
    - Adjustable filter to absorb vibration
    - Available to modify with local gravity value
    - Mostly compatible to SST300's accessories and options (90 types)
    - Accuracy up to ±20"
    - Cross-axis sensitivity≤±0.2%FS
    - ±9”offset repeatability
    - Refer to about 50 industry & military standards
    - Military class product available

Successful Application of Vigor SST400 in Safety Monitoring of Bridge Foundation

The following image shows the SST400 tilt sensor (measuring inclination range: ±5°) is used on site in Sweden for tilt monitoring of bridge foundation. The SST400 outputs a dual-axis 0-5V analog voltage signal to communicate with the data acquisition instrument. The data acquisition instrument wirelessly transmits the collected data to the terminal through the TP-LINK (TL-ANT2409A) directional antenna. The whole system, powered by solar cells, is simple, efficient, convenient and practical.

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About Vigor Technology

Established in 2001, Shanghai Vigor Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional attitude measurement and monitoring enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, professional development team and advanced production base. Its products cover inclination sensors, test systems, measurement systems and custom service. Vigor's main market areas are military, aerospace, scientific research and teaching, engineering machinery, automobiles, ships, railways, civil engineering and so on. Based on the mature and stable development of SST series tilt sensor application technology, Vigor Technology is striving to develop comprehensive, high-quality, professional and forward-looking new technologies, new products and services, and we are determined to contribute to the future construction of intelligent machinery to the world. Welcome to visit their website for more information:

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