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Infrared Methyl Bromide (CH3Br) Gas Sensor SBrH

Infrared Methyl Bromide (CH3Br) Gas Sensor SBrH

28 June 2018


With NDIR technology, infrared methyl bromide CH3Br sensor can be used to detect CH3Br gas concentration with long life span, stable performance, high accuracy and less maintenance, which can be widely used for gas leakage alarming, environmental monitoring, industrial safety, etc.


  1. NDIR technology with long lifespan
  2. Diffusion sampling, compact size, easy handling
  3. Self-compensation of temperature
  4. Great resistance to moisture and other gases interference
  5. Voltage output and RS232 output are optional


  1. Gas drainage monitoring
  2. Chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, oil depots, liquefied gas stations, paint jobs, gas transmission and distribution


  1. Measurement range: 0~5%vol
  2. Resolution: 0.01%
  3. accuracy: ±0.06%(0-1%),±6%reading(>5%)
  4. Power supply: 5VDC
  5. Signal output: UART_TTL; analogue output: 0.4V-2V
  6. Working temperature: -40℃-70℃
  7. Storage temperature: -40℃-85℃
  8. Dimensions: Φ20 x 19mm (except pin)
  9. Weight: 15g

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