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Infrared LED Dust Sensor PM1006

Infrared LED Dust Sensor PM1006

30 April 2018

Wuhan Cubic Optoelectronics Co., Ltd:


PM1006 adopts the principle of optical sensing method to detect the variation trend of particle (size between 0.3μm~10μm) concentration in the air. An infrared light emitting diode and an optoelectronic sensor are optically arranged in the device. And the sensor can directly output particle mass concentration (μg/m³) with built-in MCU.


  • Built-in MCU, directly output particle mass concentration (μg/m³)
  • Better lens design, particle size measurement lower to 0.3μm
  • Electromagnetic shielding, anti-interference
  • Temperature correction, lens pollution correction
  • Low cost, automatic production


  • Air purifier
  • Air conditioner with purifying function
  • IAQ monitor
  • Ventilation system


  1. Measured particle size: 0.3μm ~10μm
  2. Measurement range: 0~1000 μg/m³
  3. Response time: 8s
  4. Working temperature: -20℃~75℃
  5. Working humidity: 0~95%RH (non-condensing)
  6. Storage temperature: -40℃~85℃
  7. Power supply: DC 5V±0.2V
  8. Working current: ≤30mA
  9. Signal output: UART_TTL
  10. Dimension: W46.2*H34.1*D18 (mm)

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