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Air Quality Modules

A selection of the latest product news, technical articles and application examples for the term Air Quality Modules:

Smallest Low-Cost CO2 Sensor Module

Smallest Low-Cost CO2 Sensor Module

Electro Optical Components Inc. introduces the “smallest” low cost CO2 NDIR sensor module for gas detection applications including indoor air monitoring, agriculture etc.. The EOC-PCL0A2K and EOC-IR300 are NDIR CO2 gas module that...

Protection under Extreme Conditions

Protection under Extreme Conditions

MSR-Electronic: Process industries such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery and Chemical industries need special precautions to handle different hazardous substances that are used in the process or are present in the atmosphere. For the...

Certified Monitoring System for Ventilation and Desmoking in Garages and Tunnels

Certified Monitoring System for Ventilation ...

MSR-Electronic: The EN 50545 as a central element of gas monitoring in garages and tunnels demands a number of conditions for gas alarm systems. The gases CO, NO and NO2, to be monitored with the help of sensors, are herein defined. In addition to...

Air quality sensing with MEMS based MiCS-VZ-87module from SGX Sensortech

Air quality sensing with MEMS based MiCS-VZ-87

Pewatron launches the new intelligent air quality sensing module from SGX Sensortech. The new MEMS based MiCS-VZ-87 air quality module from SGX Sensortech makes the process of detecting VOCs simple. Using innovative metal oxide semiconductor...


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