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Fluxgate World

Fluxgate World

Company information:

Fluxgate-based measurement and sensing

Fluxgate World builds on Autonnic's world-class fluxgate design and manufacture. Adding control hardware and software, design integration and industrial design creates a range of robust, reliable, cost-effective sensing and measurement modules for incorporation by OEMs into their own product ranges.

Rotary angle - shaft encoder

  • Absolute reading
  • Resolution to 0.1°
  • Analogue or digital output
  • IP68 encapsulation
  • Tolerant of shaft misalignment
  • Applications in chemical, food and waste processing, medical and automotive

Free-fluid flow vector sensing

  • Patented 3rd axis technology
  • Flow speed and direction in free fluid
  • Analogue or digital output
  • No bearing to wear or corrode
  • Ideal for environmental flow measurement and logging

Pipe flow

  • Inert and sterile pipe insert
  • External non-contact sensor
  • Wide range of flows down to 0.3l/min in a 3:1 range
  • Copes with variety of fluids and pipe sizes
  • Analogue or digital output
  • Set-point alarm and control output
  • Internal flow calibration data
  • Applications in medical, food and chemical processing

Compass heading

  • Azimuth angle to 0.1 resolution and 0.2 accuracy
  • Tilt compensated in two axes up to ±45°
  • Optional two-axis tilt angle output
  • Analogue, digital or NMEA output
  • Auto-calibration
  • Applications include Robotic guidance and navigation


  • Patented 3rd axis technology
  • Inclinometer gives tilt in two axes - pitch and roll - up to .±45°; 0.01° resolution
  • Analogue or digital output
  • Optional azimuth angle output
  • Applications include attitude control, vehicle stability and position tracking


  • 15-bit (30µA in 1A) sensitivity
  • Zero loss even at high current
  • DC and AC up to 100Hz
  • Electrically isolated from conductor
  • Multi-current summation and current balance sensing
  • Highly stable over time
  • Ideal for battery charge/discharge monitoring

Fluxgate World

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