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Coto Technology, Inc.

Coto Technology, Inc.

Company information:

Specializing in advanced switching and magnetic sensing solutions, Coto has established itself as market leader in product quality and design innovation. Founded in 1917, Coto Technology’s diverse product offering includes reed relays, molded reed switches, solid state relays, and RedRock TMR Magnetic Sensors which boast the Lowest Power, Highest Sensitivity in the Smallest Package of all magnetic sensors in the world! Coto products are sold into Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), Data Acquisition, Instrumentation, Process Control, Telecommunications, Medical, White Goods, and Security markets.

Coto’s design labs / corporate offices are located in scenic North Kingstown, RI along the shores of Narragansett Bay. These high-efficiency facilities allow Coto engineers to focus on developing solutions for tomorrow.

Coto Products are sold around the world and the company has global presence through its Sales Representatives and Distributors worldwide. 

Coto RedRock™ TMR Magnetic Sensors and Switches

Tiny RedRock ™ TMR magnetic sensors offer high magnetic sensitivity with high hysteresis, EMF resistance, and a small package size, all while consuming almost NO POWER.    The high-performance RedRock™ RR110, RR120, and RR130 TMR magnetic sensors meet the strict power constraints of battery-operated portable devices and electronics, suiting the needs of emerging medical device applications including ingestibles and implantables. Using proven TMR (Tunneling Magnetoresistance) technology, the small package size addresses the needs of current medical applications (such as portable insulin pumps, capsule endoscopes, medical wearables, etc.) as well as consumer smart wearables, high precision fluid level sensing, speed & rotation applications, security and anti-tampering, “wake up” mode switching on a microprocessor, and more. 

Coto Classic 5mm and 10mm Molded Sensors

Coto Classic Molded switches are the single-pole, single throw (SPST) type, having normally open ruthenium contacts. The sensor is a double-ended type and may be actuated with an electromagnet, a permanent magnet or a combination of both. The CT05 (5mm / 5W) is designed for SMD mounting and is available in Gull Wing or J-Lead configurations. The CT10 (10mm / 10W) is designed for SMD mounting and is available in Gull Wing, J-Lead, and axial configurations.    Note: The new CT10-G2 is 260°C process temperature hardy!

CotoMOS® MOSFET Solid State Relays

CotoMOS® MOSFET Relays are a reliable, economical and readily available switching solution by Coto Technology. High voltage and high current series have become very popular. The CotoMOS® solid state series is available in various package styles that include a 4-, 6- and 8-pin DIP, in through-hole and surface mount packages. Additionally, 4- and 8—pin SOP surface mount packages are available.   Capable of switching from 40V up to 1500V, the current switching capability ranges from 30mA to 4.5A. CotoMOS® provides on resistance as low as 0.085Ω, with standard 1,500V isolation voltage.

Coto Technology is Committed to Product Quality

From the production line to the executive office of the company President, Coto’s commitment to quality is evident – as manifested by its world class products. Coto is certified to ISO-9001.   Our dedicated team of engineers has developed innovative, proprietary methods of performance testing that ensure our products meet the most stringent quality requirements in the industry.

Coto operates in an environment of structured problem solving, using cross-functional teams for product development planning and continuous improvement processes. These team efforts combined with active customer involvement ensure product designs that meet or exceed customer needs. Continuous production monitoring is accomplished through the use of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and other quality practices such as FMEA’s (failure mode and effect analysis), PPAP’s (production part approval process) and zero acceptance sampling are used for analysis and monitoring of key parameters. Coto’s quality philosophy and discipline provide the building blocks for its reputation as the world leader in quality, advanced switching and magnetic sensing solutions.

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    66 Whitecap Drive
    North Kingstown, RI 02852
    United States / America
    Tel.:  +1-401-943-2686
    Fax:  +1-401-942-0920
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Coto Technology, Inc.

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